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Luxury Wooden Travel Hanger

The Men's Premium Wooden Travel Hanger is designed to fit more garments in small closets and for regular travel. Our Wooden Travel is constructed with a Hanger Felted Trouser Bar and a Square Hook for comfortable handling and is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Perfect for travel and closets with space constraints.
  • Fully-contoured profile mimics shoulders natural shape.
  • Constant 0.75" efficient with closet space.
  • Patented travel hook easy to carry.
  • Robust hardware will not fail.
  • Felted trouser bar will not crease trousers
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    Our Luxury Wooden Travel Hangers are designed to take the best possible care of your clothing when space constraints do not allow for our larger Luxury Wooden Suit Hangers and their 2.5" premium shoulder flares, which can consume considerable closet room. For all of our customers in New York, we could have called this the "New Yorker" because it is equally perfect for use at home in smaller closets as on the road when traveling.

    Our Wooden Travel Hanger is constructed to the same high-standards of our entire collection of Luxury Wooden Hangers. Made from premium birch wood, it is available in an unprecedented four widths and features a fully-contoured 3/4" thick profile, 50% larger than comparable wooden travel hangers. The Felted Trouser Bar securely grips trousers in place without causing the typical crease of an ordinary locking trouser hanger bar (it actually does a better job securing trousers).

    To make travel with this hanger even easier, we utilize a special "square hook" that is more comfortable when held, as is often required when toting one's suits through the airport. Our Travel Hangers are the perfect companion to our Luxury Garment Bags.

    However, if used as an at-home hanger only, the square hook performs just as well as our standard hook. The hook is secured with a "ring hook," which ensures that it will not strip out or unscrew. These travel hangers are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

    Why Luxury Wooden Hangers? Your clothes inevitably spend more time on your clothes hangers than they do on your shoulders. Without question, if you want to protect and extend the life of your jackets, protecting their natural shoulders and tailored drape, you must hanger them on a properly-sized hanger that provides ample shoulder support. Our Luxury Wooden Suit Hangers with their four sizes and 2.5" shoulder flares offer unprecedented support. However, when space is a constraint, our Luxury Wooden Travel Hangers take care of the job. Don't let a few dollars be the reason you one day discover your favorite jacket has gone limp.

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Brand Hanger Project

    Sizing Guide

    The below is an approximate sizing guidance. We size our wooden hangers by the shoulder measurement.

    -15.5" Small Wooden Suit Hangers: Chest sizes 40 and below

    -17.0" Medium Wooden Suit Hangers: Sizes 41 to 44

    -18.5" Large Wooden Suit Hangers: Sizes 45 to 48

    -20.0" Extra-Large Wooden Suit Hangers: Sizes 48+