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Luxury Wooden Shirt Hanger (Set of 5)

Eliminate shoulder dimples and puckering with Luxury Wooden Shirt Hangers from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project. Available four widths guarantee hanger extends all the way to the edge of the shoulder, thereby providing essential support.

  • Unprecedented four widths.
  • Eliminates shoulder puckering and dimples.
  • Solid-wood construction.
  • 1 cm or 3/8 in thickness.
  • Perfect-fit guarantee.
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I was skeptical at first about ordering a size of hangers for my size large shirts. However, when the two sets of large, traditional finish shirt hangers came, they fit my clothes perfectly. There was no shoulder fabric left to hang over and stretch like they used to on my old hangers. I will be ordering more!




Luxury Wooden Shirt Hangers from The Hanger Project eliminate the shoulder dimples and puckering caused by ordinary hangers. The most important characteristic of a shirt hanger is that it extends all the way to the shoulder. This is why our Luxury Shirt Hanger is available in four widths: a small 15.0", standard 17.0", large 19.0", and extra-large 21.0". The hanger thickness is about 0.25".

Shoulder dimpling is caused when hangers do not extend all the way to the edge of the shoulder. Our available four sizes allow you to perfectly size the hanger to forever eliminate annoying shoulder dimpling.

Our Large and Extra-Large Luxury Wooden Shirt Hangers are especially popular among men with broader shoulders because they prevent damage that narrow hangers cause. If your shoulders fall off the end of your clothes hangers, then the shirt hangers you're using are too narrow.

Available Finishes

Our Traditional Finish is constructed from solid birch wood using high-gloss finish and brass hardware.

Natural Maplewood Finish is constructed from USA Maple Wood using a satin finish and chrome hardware.

Alfred Finish is constructed from European beechwood using a satin finish and chrome hardware.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Hanger Project

Sizing Guide


Your Wooden Shirt Hanger should come within +/- 0.5" of the shoulder seam to prevent puckering -- ideally extending slightly beyond it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Customer Service at (800) 495-3201.

  • Small Shirt Hangers 15.0" - for shirts sized extra-small or small, or men with slight builds.
  • Medium Shirt Hangers 17.0" - for shirts sized medium, or men with average builds.
  • Large Shirt Hangers 19.0" - for shirts sized large, or men with athletic builds or broad shoulders.
  • Extra-Large Shirt Hangers 21.0" - for shirts sized extra-large and above, or men with very broad shoulders.

For the most accurate sizing, lie your shirt flat and measure the distance directly across the back from shoulder to shoulder. The measurement of your Wooden Shirt Hanger should be within 0.5" of this width.