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Extra-Large 20" Luxury Wooden Suit Hanger

Our Extra-Large 20.0" Suit Hanger provides unprecedented support for Men with Broad Shoulders. Size 46+ Suits. Don't ruin your large jackets by using skinny hangers. Upgrade today!
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Our Extra-Large Wooden Suit Hanger is incredibly large. The extra-wide 20.0" width combined with the 2.5" shoulder flare (five-times larger than average) provides large garments with unprescendented shoulder support, thereby upholding and protecting the tailored drape of luxury suit jackets.

Garments for men with broad shoulders require support even more than ordinary ones. However, these guys have the most difficult time finding a hanger that provides adequate support. Often what you see is a hanger that is both too narrow and too skinny, which causes the shoulders of the jacket to fall off the ends of the hangers and for the tailored shape to distort because the weight of the garment is being distributed across an inadequate surface area. This causes shoulder mountains and the collar of the jacket to stretch. After a few months in the closet, the tailored shape of one's jacket can be completely ruined. 

Our 20.0" Width ensures that the hanger provides maximum lateral support (the shoulder end extends all the way to the edges of the jacket) while the 2.5" shoulder flare provides maximum shoulder support.

Protect and extend the life of your large jackets with our Extra-Large Jacket Hanger!

Now available in two finishes: we offer a traditional darker finished hanger with brown flocking and brass hardware and a new natural maple finished hanger with black flocking and chrome hardware. The maple hangers are made from premium maple wood, which features an incredibly beautiful woodgrain. Since maple is a more expensive wood than the birch we use in our standard hangers, the Maple finish is a premium option.

Don’t ruin a great suit with a cheap clothes hanger. Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project allows you to tailor your wooden hangers to your jacket size, not the other way around.

  • Extra-Large 20.0" Width ensures that the hanger provides maximum lateral support
  • A 2.5” Shoulder Flare, 5x wider than average, provides opulent shoulder support, thereby preventing collapsed shoulders.
  • And a Felted Trouser Bar ensures your trousers never crease or slide off of the bar

Experience the distinction of luxury wooden suit hangers from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project and you’ll never go back to cheap clothes hangers.

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Additional Info

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