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Saphir Specialty Shoe Polishes

Saphir Specialty Polishes

The leader in luxury shoe polish, Saphir's Medaille d'Or polish is widely considered the best polish in the world. What Saphir recognizes is that one-polish does not fit all. In the world of luxury shoes, there are many specialty materials that require nuanced care. Saphir has you covered, regardless the material your shoe is made.

Saphir Cordovan Shoe Polish - Cordovan is a unique material constructed from the rear quarters of a horse. Cordovan's highly-compressed pour structure is one of the defining characteristics of this unique material. The turpentine of traditional calfskin polishes can causes these pours to expand, thereby compromising cordovan's unique pour structure. Saphir's Cordovan polish is based on a Neat's Foot Oil formulation that will not cause the material's pours to expand.

Saphir Nappa Leather Balm - for super-delicate, unwaxed leathers, such as goat, veal, and boxcalf, the waxes in traditional polishes can ruin the delicacy of these fine leathers. Saphir's Nappa Balm is a pure-conditioner with no wax. It nourishes and conditions fine leathers without making the finish heavy or causing the leather to lose it's delicate texture.

Saphir Chromexcel Greasy Leather Cream - Chromexcel is an oiled leather produced by renowned Chicago-based tannery Horween. These leathers are oiled during the tanning process to give them their color and a unique, rugged look. To apply a traditional calfskin waxed polish, again, would change the unique characteristic of this leather. Saphir's Greasy Leather Cream, based on a Neat's Footoil Formulation, conditions, recolors and nourishes Chromexcel without changing it's unique texture.

Saphir Special Reptile Beauty Milk (Reptan) - Designed specifically for reptiles, such as lizard, crocodile, alligator, and snake, Saphir's Reptan Reptile Beauty Milk conditions, nourishes, and protects these exotic skins while protecting the unique integrity of the material.

Saphir Creme Delicate Conditioning Cream - Similar in formulation and purpose as the Nappa Leather Balm Medaille d'Or, this is the "low end" (if you could even call anything from Saphir that) version of the same cream. Designed for delicate, unwaxed leather similar to what you find on ladies' purses. It conditions, feeds, and nourishes the leather without leaving any wax residues.

Saphir Dubbin Graisse Conditioner - Saphir's Dubbin Graisse (or "grease" in French) is another highly-specialized product from Saphir and example of their absolute commitment to providing the best products available for shoe care. Saphir Dubbin is a highly-concentrated formulation of vegetable and animal oils that is used for deep nourishment of dry calf skin, as used in our Presidential Shoeshine, for waterproofing outdoor boots, and condition of leather dress shoe soles.

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